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Retail Sales Consulting


High impact sales events have helped 1000's of retailers improve their businesses. Comments routinely echo the experiences of store owners who have seen the salvation of their business come from these type events.

Improving customer traffic can well be the key to getting your business back on track. We typically see 2 – 3 times normal volume during promotional sales. This doesn't mean that we just make your current customers come in more often and/or spend more. Many times during our sales we experience a large influx of customers who have never been in the store. Oh, by the way, the ongoing effect is that you will have a means to keep them coming back after the event is over.

Advertising is becoming more expensive, and results are difficult to measure. We have tried and true methods to reach your customers and get them into your store. Our events are geared to keep them coming back to keep the momentum up. Promotion costs little or nothing in most cases and can be the most effective means of improving sales.

The signage utilized during our sales enhances the visibility of your store, and attracts customers to your sales event. There may be some other changes made to improve the image your store is projecting.

A great way to introduce new product lines is to incorporate them in a sales event. Support from the supplier(s) can many times be obtained offset some of the cost while educating the customers.

Excess inventory is tying up valuable cash for many retailers. We have been very successful in turning that asset into cash for cash flow improvement or to purchase better moving product. Many retailers have cut back on buying replacement product to minimize cash outflow. "You can't sell out of an empty wagon" as the saying goes — and its true! The cash generated at the beginning of our sales often funds the replenishment of stocks in order to keep the sale going.

After a store has been around for a while there is a need for remerchandising. Improving traffic flow and featuring specific products can be a major factor in improving stock turns. Signage may need to be created to direct customers to items that are being missed.

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